Senior Scholarship

Having seen what is possible during the Senior Symposium, with a wonderfully diverse range of talks from students a year above, once the summer begins it is over to you. This is your chance to shape and complete a project of your own.

There are all sorts of Senior Scholarship; you can read the work of some recent winner here). Some rough categories might be:

-Research project leading to an essay
-Fieldwork or practical work leading to a report
-Artefact creation leading to a piece of creative work: anything from performance, to computer programme, to a film, music score or other piece of art

However, there are no limits to the choices you can make. Over the term you’ll have access to supervisions to guide your thinking and help with research, but whatever you make or write or discover will be yours alone. Work can be completed in the summer holidays ready for the conference in September: your chance to inspire the generation who follow you.

Those studying three subjects in their second year may continue with the programme, making new choices and retaining the breadth of vision and scope that characterises all senior school study. No matter how many of the elements you experience, each part of the programme will help you develop the confidence and independence to thrive at university and in whatever lies beyond.