Senior Symposium

The symposium is a celebration of Senior School learning, run by students in the VIII and attended by students just starting the VII.

The VIII give talks based on the Senior Scholarships they have just completed. The talks might be about almost anything under the sun – there’s a selection of recent titles below. Inspiring, funny, off-beat, thought-provoking, they show the range of possibility in the Senior School, as demonstrated by students halfway through it.

-The Treatment of Time in the Poetry of Philip Larkin
-Potentially Hazardous: The Orbit Determination of Near-Earth Asteroid 4183 Cuno
-Florence Nightingale: Saint or Statistician?
-Building a Microbial Fuel Cell: How I made electricity from Sludge
-'No tongue but thought': The portrayal of silence in Shakespeare's women
-Unidentified Flying Objects: More credible than the British Government?
-The Quantum Vacuum: How 'nothing' could be the key to understanding the beginning and the end of the Universe
-Is anyone there? Detecting faces using Java and OpenCV
-To what extent can dance be considered a language?
-How far were women marginalised within the cultural boundaries of Mesopotamia?