Life at St Paul's

Life in St Paul’s sixth form (known as the Senior School) is characterised by academic adventure, scholarly independence, personalised support and leadership within the community.

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The St Paul's Programme

The St Paul’s Programme is a hugely exciting part of the curriculum in the Senior School and its flexibility is its strength. Each element offers something different and each part of the programme will help you develop the confidence and independence to help you thrive at university and into your future life.

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Friday Lectures

A weekly Senior School highlight, the Friday Lecture sees distinguished speakers from all walks of life talk about their passions, experience and expertise. The lectures spark debates that continue over lunch with the speaker and then well beyond the lecture hall. Every week offers a fresh insight into remarkable lives.

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Leslie Kleinman

Ben Willbond

Professor David Owen Morris


There is much more to the Senior School than where you go next, but we’re proud of the universities attended by Paulinas. It’s not about Oxbridge or Ivy League, though it’s great that so many who set that goal achieve it. It’s about finding the course that excites you.

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This website shows some of what makes the Senior School tick. However, when it comes to gauging the intangible factors, the best way is talking to people here. Visit and you’ll find a place full of laughter and sheer delight in study, bubbling over with new relationships, ideas, and opportunities.

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