About Us

The Senior School is, above all, a place for the stimulating exchange of ideas, whether in lessons or in the common room, within a supportive, familial atmosphere that develops personal confidence and encourages intellectual risk.

 Up to GCSE, school can feel like a place where you’re working towards a set target. What makes specialist study challenging but wonderful is the need to find an individual way forwards and your own academic passion. Shared responsibility for study, and the independence of mind that entails, can be demanding, but generates a deeply rewarding learning experience.

 It’s hard to imagine a better place to find personal desire and purpose. Small classes of committed and often brilliant peers, led by specialist teachers of  remarkable calibre, are full of lively discussion, wit and academic adventure.

This site gives you a sense of some of the aspects of the Senior School that make the experience special; from the Friday lecture, to the chance to lead societies, to extraordinary opportunities in the fields of art, music, sport, drama and more. Alongside all of the established extra-curriculars, the freedom to innovate is prized. Recently an Architecture and Design Society was set up by a new 16+ starter who had only been here for two weeks. Whatever your interests, the Senior School gives you the resources and self-confidence to follow them.

Above all, we hope you’ll get a sense of the unique atmosphere of the Senior School too. Independent study periods, the freedom to sign in and out, and sharing a kitchen and Common Room give something of the feel of a university. Small tutor forms comprising both senior years, and an outstanding wider pastoral team, support a vibrant new community of over 200 based on kindness and tolerance, where every student’s voice is heard. At the heart of everything is the combination of freedom, support and encouragement to make what you want of a remarkable learning experience.