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Life in the Senior School is an exhilarating time of academic and personal independence. Lessons are a lively journey towards deeper understanding and broader horizons; extra-curricular life a chance for real leadership. Read more below, or for a light-hearted take on life in the Senior School, watch our student made film.

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Everyday Scholarship

What makes academic study in the Senior School so rewarding is that on any given day, you’re discovering new and intriguing ways of thinking. Here, Paulinas share examples of typical lesson experiences that gave them fresh insight and prompted new ideas in their intellectual passions.

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Seeing an alternative perspective


Debating whether Philip Augustus was a 'Great King'


New literature, new forms of language

Friday Lectures

A weekly Senior School highlight, the Friday Lecture sees distinguished speakers from all walks of life talk about their passions, experience and expertise. The lectures spark debates that continue over lunch with the speaker and then well beyond the lecture hall. Every week offers a fresh insight into remarkable lives.

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Leslie Kleinman

Ben Willbond

Professor David Owen Morris

Involvement and Leadership

The Senior School presents many leadership opportunities, whether running clubs and societies, organising teams and rehearsals, or being part of the school council and Head Girl Team (selected following nominations by peers and staff).

The way that senior students take on independent responsibility is integral to this community. You might seek election onto the charity or environment committees, set up a new society, present to an audience of hundreds, or just lend a friendly hand to new starters in their first weeks: all ways to play a leading role in school life.

Extra-curricular examples

Community and Collaboration

The school charity shop Re-Store, run by senior girls, is a much-loved symbol of the community involvement central to Senior School life. There are many other projects: teaching in primary schools, riding for the disabled, becoming a living library book. The list is long, yet Paulinas constantly devise new charitable ventures.

Academic symposia and joint higher education provision with the boys’ school provide wider debate. Drama and musical collaborations reach a new level of sophistication. There’s also an online community, Paulina Connect, linking senior students with alumnae: the world beyond school opens up in new ways.


In the words of the editors, our student webzine, iPaulina, is ‘by Paulinas, for Paulinas’ and seeks to encapsulate what it means to be part of our community. Explore each section, with extra content from student-run print publications, including The Marble and M2.

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My Senior School Highlight


The art exhibition


Winning the law moot


Standing for Election