Studying Here

The Senior Curriculum

The Senior School curriculum emphasises depth of study and rewarding content that goes far beyond the syllabus. The courses we offer allow specialisation for those who know exactly where they want to go, but preserve diversity of choice and the opportunity for breadth for all students.

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The St Paul's Programme

A remarkable set of opportunities run alongside core study. A thought-provoking conference led by peers; optional courses opening extraordinary windows onto academic and cultural life; entrepreneurship in partnership with start-ups and charities; and an independent project following your passion wherever it leads. It’s all about discovery, collaboration, imagination and creativity.

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How to Choose

You may already know exactly what you want to study, or you may be finding it hard to make choices. In which case, you might be inundated with differing sources of advice! However, in the end, the most important factor is personal enjoyment.

You might love all the different ways of working in any one subject. Or it might be subtler: a sense that the subject contains areas that intrigue you and that, as you learn more, seem to unlock your passion. Either way that passion is what will sustain and inspire you as your education continues.

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Nature of Study

Senior study feels different to GCSE. Increased independence and lessons amongst students harbouring the same academic passions elevates debate and enquiry. Roughly half your work is in lessons and half is independent. The key to independent work is setting your own expectations and exploring study areas beyond lesson material.

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