My Senior School Highlight


The art exhibition

The excitement we all shared for the project allowed us to dedicate time into producing professional catalogues, maps and signage to create a moving exhibition harmonising our artworks with the spaces within the school.


Winning the law moot

My Senior School highlight has been the Law Society moot against St Paul’s (boys’) School, where we had to argue a case regarding the law on assisted suicide. I enjoyed learning about landmark cases and forming my own arguments using statute and court decisions. It was also great to win!


Standing for Election

Standing as a candidate in the mock election has been one of my most enjoyable moments in the year. Working with one of my closest friends, we found candidates for each of the parties, got students and teachers to suggest questions for a leaders’ debate, and started political campaigns with posters around the school. This was a great chance to chat to people in other years about issues that concerned them and the atmosphere on the day of the debate was amazing. Whilst I didn't win the election (I blame a latent Tory bias in the younger years), we had a lot of fun organising the whole thing - right down to manning the polling station and counting votes on the day of the election (and any allegations of attempted vote rigging are entirely baseless!).


Putting together our own art exhibition

The moment in which I finally saw my finished art installation set in its rightful place was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had. Organising and creating our own art exhibition was pretty stressful and chaotic at times but it was amazing to see months of work come together.



The London county netball championship

My highlight was winning the greater London county netball championship as part of the senior first team. It was amazing to see all of our hard work pay off and to celebrate together!


Organising a charity quiz

I enjoyed working with the other members of the Charities Committee to set up the entire event including budgeting, organising food and drinks, waitressing on the night and ensuring everything ran according to plan. This was a great experience and highly rewarding as we raised over £3,500 for The Eve Appeal and Let Girls Learn.


The Christmas Concert

The Christmas Concert is one of the most popular events of the music calendar at St Paul's. We will often play a great orchestral work but the highlight of the night is the Gardner carols which are key to the school's spirit. Paulinas past and present attend as this is a wonderful opportunity to come together as an entire school and celebrate the festivities.


From stage to cross-country championships

I have two Senior School highlights. When I produced the Greek Play, Prometheus Bound,  it was amazing to see our hard work come to life on stage and to unite the Greek department for a dramatic evening. Representing London in both the English Schools Cross-Counrty and Track and Field Championships was another highlight of the year.


Helping to organising a welcome party for the new Year 7s

Coordinating with all the volunteers, budgeting, buying the food and making sure everything ran smoothly was a lot of work, but it was highly rewarding. I’d recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to get involved!


Making it to lacrosse nationals was a personal highlight

It’s great to experience an event like that, particularly the way the senior teams came together to be really successful.


The Colet Play is a perfect example of the independence gained in the Senior School

The challenge and responsibility of managing a production saw the year group collaborating on a greater scale than ever before. The creative freedom was fantastic and we made something that we were collectively proud of.