Nature of Study

The most common advice in the Senior School comes back time and again to independence. This doesn’t mean that you have to decide what to do all by yourself or that you aren’t supported. It means you need to bring some of your own character and preferences to what you learn. Teachers love it when students come to them with queries, advice for further reading and suggestions for other topics to explore. There is a huge amount of guidance available as you seek to find the things that interest you.

Of course, there will be times when you are busy with a set assignment. There will also be times when several set assignments come along at once. Organisation, and working little and often rather than procrastinating, are the keys to success.

Most people tend to find that when they are busy with things they enjoy, they work efficiently. Remember to set yourself limits. There’s nothing worse than trying to write a piece for five hours and spending most of it in a state of guilty distraction. One solid hour is worth three or four half-hearted ones.

Some work is enjoyable right from the start, some is arduous and challenging. If you are always looking to find something in it that speaks to you, all of it should be rewarding in its own way.