Preparing Well

The university admissions process gets underway in the January after starting the Senior School. Talks and events invite students to direct their thinking towards their next steps. However, the process really launches with the Higher Education Conference in April. All Paulinas and parents are invited, along with students from other schools, to hear what universities are looking for directly from representatives from a wide range of institutions. Separate sessions take place over the course of a Saturday morning, each one concentrating on a different aspect: the Scottish university system, for example, or the best way to go about a science-focused personal statement.

As well as the conference there are parents’ evenings in June where tutors will give information and guidance on preparation. Subject specialists are there to answer queries concerning higher education and provide guidance to both students and parents.

Regular university preparation classes begin at the end of the summer of the first year and continue through the autumn of the final year to ensure everyone feels as ready as possible for what lies ahead.

In the end, preparation for university means finding an individual passion and interest, with every student following their own intellectual path. This might sound daunting, but just because everyone’s road is different doesn’t mean they are travelling alone. The university team, teachers and the general school community are an amazing source of guidance to help everyone discover subjects and topics they find fulfilling.

Being part of a mutually supportive and academically passionate group of students and staff is invigorating and develops real confidence and the ability to debate and enquire. That, along with the focus in the Senior School on independence of thought, is what university preparation is really about, and is what makes the two years of study here, and the time at university that follows, so rewarding and exciting.