University Applications


The tutor is the heart of the support network. Each tutor has ten students from both senior years. They meet their group daily, helping each applicant navigate the process. Tutors also compile the school reference. VIII (Year 13) students are a source of invaluable advice for fellow tutees from the year below.

Mentors and Heads of Department

Each individual is assigned a subject-specific specialist from the relevant academic department. These mentors discuss wider reading, differing course and institution details, and particular challenges within their field. Heads of department run university preparation classes and moderate school references, ensuring accurate reflection of the individual and their course.

University Testing and Interview Support

Some universities conduct their own tests, such as the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) and various subject-specific aptitude examinations in courses including medicine and law. Preparation for these assessments and for interviews forms part of the mentoring system, often involving joint university preparation classes and reciprocal interview practice with other schools.

Higher Education Co-ordinator

The Higher Education Co-ordinator (HEC) draws together the various strands. Each HEC oversees the applications of around 20 girls. They meet their cohort of students regularly throughout the year to discuss everything from personal statements to student finance, and finalise forms and references before they are sent.

US Admissions Team

There’s always much interest in US colleges. Miss Evans oversees the process with remarkable knowledge and feel for the range of institutions. She is supported by specialists from the HEC team and two Colet Fellows, graduates from leading US universities. US admissions representatives frequently visit to meet and advise girls.

Old Paulinas

The guidance of leavers is a highlight of the higher education process. Applicants put questions to panels of OPs currently at university during dedicated Paulina open days. Our online careers-advice community, Paulina Connect, enables direct contact with over 200 mentors who advise on work experience, courses and careers.